[News 6/4] If you think housing’s unaffordable now…

A study from GMU’s Center for Regional Analysis predicts that area home prices could rise 2,800 percent over the next 50 years–a rate that far exceeds incomes.  GMU’s Stephen Fuller: “We need more density, smaller lot sizes, smaller house sizes, to make housing cheaper. The housing problem is the solution to the transportation problems. We need more workers who can afford to live near their jobs.” He said local governments could help by providing incentives to build less-expensive housing. (Examiner, 6/3)

As last week’s air quality showed, this region’s pollution “can still be so serious it violates federal standards and threatens those in poor health.” (WaPo, 6/2)

[D.C.] City launches audit of $1 billion public school budget. “The city is soliciting private donations to help defray the cost [of the audit], said government sources.” (WaPo, 6/4)