Tuesday, May 29 – In the News

Facebook.com members can now raise money for nonprofits (SanFran Chronicle, 5/25) – Project-Agape (which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago) has launched via Facebook.com. Members of this popular social networking site can now “start a cause, nurture it through e-mail invitations and raise money from their networks of online friends to support any one of the more than 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the United States… A “scorecard” on their profile page will track how many people they have recruited and how much money they have raised for their cause. Techcrunch.com has more. (Nonprofits: sign up).  Facebook has 24 million members, and is growing by about 150,000 per day.

The history behind D.C.’s missing voting rights–a story of what one historian calls “politics over principle” (WaPo, 5/28)

…and finally…
Where, exactly, is “Greater Washington”? (WaPo, 5/27)

One thought on “Tuesday, May 29 – In the News”

  1. Yeah the owner of facebook was offered a Billion odd for the site but obviously the mans on a crusade to save the world and hopefully chop of the head of the google dragon.

    Well good luck to him . The internet is full of charlatan profiteers it’s nice to see some compassion out there. But he aint the first developers have been doing this for years.

    Hats off.

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