[News 5/21] – HUD prepares to forclose on D.C. co-op

HUD is preparing to foreclose on a 61-unit co-op in Southeast D.C. and sell it to the highest bidder. (WaPo, 5/21) Michael Diamond, director of the Georgetown University law school’s housing and community development clinic is “stunned at HUD’s rejection of the tenants’ offer to prepay the outstanding loan balance.” Diamond: “They would rather put it up for foreclosure. It’s bizarre… What could possibly be the rationale for that?” Georgetown’s Harrison Institute of Public Law–a grantee of Washington Grantmakers’ Community Development Support Collaborative–is working with the tenants group to avoid Wednesday’s foreclosure. As all of this develops, a HUD spokesman maintains that “Our goal is always to preserve affordable housing.” 

May 31 – Neighborhood tour: “Revitalization Efforts Ward 8”  – for funders/investors. Hosted by the East of the River Community Development Corporation, a non-profit partner of Washington Grantmakers’ Community Development Support Collaborative. Registration required: Contact Tamar Greenspan, 202.296.4582, tgreenspan@lisc.org.

Giving circles–here to stay, observes the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers. The number of circles has doubled in the past two years, per a new Forum report (pdf).

[Va.] Is ESL funding in Manassas, Va. keeping up with the need? (WaPo, 5/20) All signs point to “no.”

D.C. parents love the federally funded School Choice Demonstration project, says a new Georgetown report. WaPo Editorial page editor Fred Hiatt loves it, too, but astutely notes that “Mayor Adrian Fenty rightly is focused on reforming the public schools, with their 55,000 pupils. The small voucher program can’t, and wasn’t intended to, lessen the importance of improving those.” (WaPo, 5/21)