Friday, May 18 – In the News

Volunteer Fairfax presents service awards. Robert Goodwin, CEO of WG member Points of Light Foundation, keynotes the event. (Fairfax Connection, 5/17)

Employees of Marriott, Inc. (WG member) help out at D.C. Central Kitchen, which runs a 12-week program for unemployed adults who are either homeless or receiving public assistance. (Washingtonian, 5/17)

“The Case Foundation [WG member] is engaging in an interesting experiment. They want you to help them decide where to give their money.” (, 5/17)

The Newton Marasco Foundation (WG member) honors the Rachel Carson Scholars, Maryland high school students who have worked to improve the environment. (WaPo, 5/18) (The current issue of The Washingtonian profiles Foundation president Amy Marasco Newton.)

A deal is reached–the facility will remain in Maryland (WaPo, 5/18)

Montgomery Planning Board regulates growth by raising builders’ fees and home sales taxes, which will fund schools, roads, and transit. (WaPo, 5/18)