Thursday, May 17 – In the News

Marc Fisher on Vincent Schiraldi’s reforms at Oak Hill, facility renovation, and recent political maneuvering to remove the center from its current location. (WaPo, 5/17) Washington Grantmakers’ Children, Youth, & Families Working Group has worked with Schiraldi on his efforts to transform the facility.

It’s hard to say enough positive things about WG member Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s “College Guides” program, or “National College Advising Corps” as it’s now known. What’s not to like about a program that raises college enrollment in a rural high school by 35 percent, with an investment of only $25,000? (Diverse Education, 5/17)

Another anonymous senator blocks the Fenty school plan (WaPo, 5/17)

Tomorrow is Bike To Work Day, brought to you by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (WG member) and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (Leesburg Today, 5/16)