Wednesday, May 16 – In the News

“Keeping Cool” – Spurring D.C.’s ‘creative economy’ (WBJ, 5/11 – subscription only) – The current issue of the Washington Business Journal covers D.C.’s efforts to attract the “creative class,” a concept popularized in Richard Florida’s 2002 book. “There are a lot of places that are ahead of us on this” – Tony Gittens, director, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities (WG member)

“Council Approves District Budget” (WaPo, 5/16) – “Victory for advocates.” Council member Gray: “[Tax] relief to people who hadn’t received it lately, like renters and low-income residents”

“Paid sick days for workers a matter of decency” (Pasadena Star-News, 5/15) – “The Public Welfare Foundation [WG member] in Washington…recently approved a $1 million “special initiative” on the issue.”

Virginia and D.C. have been awarded federal grants totaling $57 Million over five years “to help thousands of elderly and disabled people live in their homes or in small group settings instead of large institutions” as part of the “Money Follows the Person” initiative. Maryland received $67 million in January.

Momentum at yesterday’s Senate hearing. Hatch (R-Utah): “a historic time for the citizens of the District of Columbia” Jack Kemp, former Republican congressman: “a chance to be recorded on the right side of a civil rights issue.”