Tuesday, May 15 – In the News

The Post covers the tragic shooting death of Aaron Teeter, who was working to turn his life around after leaving Oak Hill. Teeter was the main field producer for the Earth Conservation Corps (ECC) media arts program, which has received support from Washington Grantmakers’ Children, Youth, & Families Working Group. (See a video of Teeter’s work.) (WaPo, 5/15)

“Advocates for Homelessness Oppose Tax Changes” (WaPo, 5/15 – scroll down) Post agrees with the advocates.

[D.C.] City agrees to improvements at St. Elizabeth’s. Though most are basic (i.e., fixing safety hazards, ending the abuse and neglect), the head of Mental Health department says implementation “is not going to be easy.” (WaPo, 5/15)

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  1. ural is bigger than government intervention. Our District Government is doing a good job. Each person must develop himself. Each family is responsible for teaching and training it’s family members.

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