Thursday, May 3 – In the News…

What to do with Anacostia’s Poplar Point? (WaPo, 5/3)
Another great column from Marc Fisher. As the city and developers discuss condos, retail, and a soccer stadium, the Earth Conservation Corps has a crazy, radical idea for the park: Keep it a park! “Every bit of the economic boost the Fenty administration pines for can be accomplished just outside the park, on sites with spectacular river views.” ECC: “This discussion would never happen if we were talking about Rock Creek Park.” 

“U.S. Funds Sought for D.C. Traffic Study” (WaPo, 5/3)
D.C. asks Feds for $17.8 million. The city is also participating in a study by Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (WG member) looking into congestion pricing.

Hearing on Md. Child’s Death Explores Dearth of Dental Care (WaPo, 5/3)

Students in Howard County, Md. hold a youth summit, conceived by youths involved with Connections, a program of the Horizon Foundation (WG member). (Baltimore Sun, 5/2)

MTV joins Strong American Schools’ “ED in 08” campaign, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (WG member), highlighting importance of “education reform” in ’08 elections. Initiative is called “an unprecedented $60 million nonpartisan movement.” (Newswire, 5/2)