Tuesday, May 1 – In the News…

[D.C.] After yesterday’s massive fires (WaPo, 5/1), The Capitol Hill Community Foundation is taking donations to support displaced Eastern Market vendors. Many shops go back for generations. A lot of valuable history was destroyed in the fire at the Georgetown Branch of the D.C. Public Library, but no one was hurt.

[Va.] Western Fairfax Christian Ministries, which works to prevent homelessness in western Fairfax County, says it may close permanently unless it can find emergency funding. (WaPo, 5/1)

Fannie Mae Foundation VP calls subprime situation a crisis (Grand Rapids Press, 4/27)

Sub-Prime Mortgage Woes Worry Urban Warrior (NYSun, 5/1) – As the subprime mortgage market implodes, the CEO of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) worries that “a lot of communities that have recovered could see another wave of houses being abandoned and boarded up.” This article profiles LISC’s work over the years. LISC manages Washington Grantmakers’ Community Development Support Collaborative.

Sens. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Hatch (R-Utah) will introduce a voting rights bill at 2:30 p.m. today. (DCist, 5/1)

[Md.] Data-Driven Problem Solving (WaPo, 5/1)
Read this one if you’re interested in SchoolStat-type systems.

[D.C.] “33 District Schools to Get Repairs By August. $23.2 Million Effort Is Part Of Larger Emergency Plan” (WaPo, 5/1)

Immigrants Slow Rate Of Money Transfers (WaPo, 5/1) – Remittances are crucial to the economies of many Latin American nations. This story quotes Amy Coughenour of the Pan-American Development Foundation (WG member).

Sheila C. Johnson, president of the Washington Mystics, will receive an award tomorrow at the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship annual gala, sponsored by WG Members Freddie Mac Foundation, AOL, LLC, and Marriott International.