Monday, April 30 – In the News…

The Internet is giving rise to a new breed of nonprofits whose existence would have been inconceivable a decade ago.” (SanFranBusinessTimes – 4/27)

“Confluence of celebrity and philanthropy” (HuffPo, 4/27) 

WG Members: Regional Children’s Issues Briefing – May 11
Learn about the most pressing issues facing children and youth in the region. Leaders of DC Action for Children, Voices for Virginia’s Children and Advocates for Children and Youth (Maryland) will brief funders on issues in their individual jurisdictions, as well as concerns across the region.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington heads for the suburbs (WaPo, 4/29)

In Pr. George’s, Montgomery, and Fairfax counties, available affordable units dropped by roughly 25 percent between 2003 and 2005. In D.C., the drop was nine percent. Facing potential eviction, Gaithersburg residents assert their rights (WaPo, 4/28).

In D.C., tenants organize to buy their building (, 4/29) D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development: “We’ve helped hundreds of families purchase their building over the last 20 years.”

[D.C.] Plans for Kingman Island (WaPo, 4/29) – The “grand opening” event for this long-neglected patch of wilderness in the middle of the Anacostia was on Saturday, but the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation is still looking for the millions needed to turn it into an education center.

Region’s “carbon dioxide binge” (WaPo, 4/29) Emissions from vehicles and electricity in this region are estimated to have increased at more than twice the national rate between 2001 and 2005.

New health clinic for the homeless, courtesy Georgetown Medical Center (, 4/30)

[D.C.] Fenty reaches out to businesses for funds (WaPo, 4/28) – The mayor’s plan stresses public-private partnerships; a “Developers’ Education Roundtable” would adopt schools, maintain facilities and provide school supplies.