Send a message: Congress should help, not hinder, D.C.’s HIV prevention efforts

The Washington AIDS Partnership and Washington Grantmakers are signing on to a DC Appleseed letter to the Appropriations Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives about the pending D.C. appropriations bill. A rider attached to the bill would again prohibit the District from spending local tax dollars to support needle exchange – a proven “best practice” program in preventing the spread of HIV infections.  If approved, the rider will have a major impact on the District’s ability to respond appropriately to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.   

As major players in the HIV/AIDS community locally, it’s important for funders to join local advocates in voicing opposition to this restriction. This policy speaks to two issues grantmakers care about deeply: 1) In a city with the highest new HIV infections rate in the country, supporting proven prevention programs is essential.  2) Self determination–needle exchange programs would be funded by D.C. residents’ tax dollars, not federal tax dollars. 

DC Appleseed is gathering signatures to demonstrate community support for this important issue.  They will deliver the letter to Capitol Hill on Monday, April 30. If your foundation is interested in signing on to this letter or have questions, please contact WG’s Director of Public Policy Carolynn Mambu at or Josh Levinson, DC Appleseed at

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