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Town Hall Meetings


Members: In the tradition of a New England town meeting, our upcoming town hall meetings are intended to give everyone in our community the chance to voice their opinions, on such topics as…

  • – roles, services, and activities of Washington Grantmakers;
  • – ways we can best serve your organization;
  • – roles or services we should avoid;
  • – structure (Working Groups, Affinity Groups, Collaboratives);

… and, really, anything that’s on your mind.

These meetings are an important part of our Year of Engagement, and will help us form a three-year strategic plan for 2008-2010. Board and staff will be on hand to hear your desires for your membership organization.

Each meeting will begin with three-minute presentations from anyone who wants the floor, and then move into a moderated discussion. If you would like to reserve time to share your thoughts, let us know when you register (though you may also sign up to speak as you arrive at the meeting, if time permits). Feel free to invite a colleague, and to attend any of the meetings if you can’t make it to the one in your area.

We’re looking forward to it!

-Tamara Lucas Copeland

3 thoughts on “Have your say:”

  1. Would love to attend. Please let me know where.

  2. Locations for the Virginia and Maryland meetings are confirmed! (See revised invite above)

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