Monday, April 16 – In the News…

D.C. residents will march Monday [today!] at 2:30 p.m. (MSNBC, 4/15) – [Don’t worry about the weather–it’s a lovely day to march!]

[Md.] More Harbor fund controversy in Pr. George’s (WaPo, 4/15) – When distributing $700,000 in grants, it’s a good idea to establish rules and keep accurate records.

“Freddie Mac increases local giving to $26.2M” (Examiner, 4/12)

“The Nonprofit Industrial Complex” (Weekly Standard, 4/23 issue) – A conservative author sounds the alarm about the sector’s rapid growth, but concludes that nonprofits are a net positive.

[Md.] Montgomery County’s innovative “Linkages to Learning” initiative brings human services and social services providers into the schools. (WaPo, 4/15)

[Md.] Even if Prince George’s Hospital Center remains open, much damage is already done. (WaPo, 4/15)

“On Tax Day, Everyone’s A Citizen, Many Learn” (WaPo, 4/15) – “The IRS tells you you are a citizen, but immigration could come and deport you.”

[D.C.] “The High Cost of Being Poor” (WaPo, 4/15) –  336 percent annual interest–does that seem a little high?