Friday, April 6 – In the News…

Foundation partners with nonprofit association (Ho.Co. Times, 4/5)
The Horizon Foundation [WG member] will form a strategic partnership with Howard County Md.’s nonprofit association. The two will co-locate and work to create “a Policy Analysis Center to analyze and develop public policy to aid nonprofits.” 

[Md.] “Pr. George’s Officials Offer Hospital Deal…” (WaPo, 4/6)
Negotiations continue. “The General Assembly adjourns Monday, and if the two sides reach no deal, the system… will probably close soon. The system serves 180,000 patients a year, many of them poor and uninsured.”

[Va.] Connolly: “I’m talking about a strike force” (WaPo, 4/6)
We learned this week that Fairfax County desperately needs more low-income housing. Evidently, many residents are packing into single family homes. Today we read that “in Fairfax and most other Virginia communities, single-family homes must be occupied by people related by blood or marriage, with no more than an additional two non-family members. No more than four unrelated people can live in any home.” Now Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald E. Connolly is talking about strike forces. Connolly: “I’m not talking about studying it. I’m talking about a strike force… If we have to arrest some people, let’s arrest some people… The county must intervene to protect the integrity of its neighborhoods.”

[D.C.] “Takeover Would Launch Audit” (WaPo, 4/6)
Reinoso would begin probe to determine where funds are being spent. Some worry that Mayor Fenty’s intention to stop “double-counting” students who have departed the system for charter schools would deprive public schools of needed funds.