Tuesday, April 3 – In the News…

“New online clearinghouse eliminates charity middlemen” (AP, 4/3)
Launching today, RealityCharity.org wants to be your eBay for fundraising, billing itself as “the world’s first person-to-person giving platform and philanthropy community.” Will the site be overrun with scams? Or taken over by people desperate to pay off student loans? Will dollars gravitate toward the neediest folks, or people with excellent writing/Web formatting skills? Many questions, grasshopper. (The Nonprofits Orgs section of the site is currently empty.)

The D.C. Council is scheduled to vote today on Mayor Fenty’s takeover proposal.
WaPo: “Council should approve the mayoral takeover”
Robert Bobb (D.C. Board of Education): “Let voters decide”

The DC Vote coalition will meet this afternoon to discuss recruitment for the April 16 Voting Rights March.  (RSVP to ekinlow@dcvote.org – Public Welfare Foundation, 1200 U Street, NW, Lankford Auditorium from 4:00-6:00 p.m.)