Friday, March 30 – In the News…


Senate bill would close Oak Hill (WaPo, 3/30)
Maryland Sens. Mikulski (D) and Cardin (D) to close D.C.’s juvenile detention center in Laurel, Md., and build a new one in the District.

Nation’s first conditional cash transfer program (Newswire, 3/29)
Bloomberg Unveils Bold Fight Poverty Initiative (WCBS, 3/29)
NYC Mayor Bloomberg and foundations introduce a public-private partnership called “Opportunity NYC.” The pilot program will begin in September and last two years.

An interesting editorial in the Post this morning. Apparently, Maryland Senators and Representatives receive state funds to pass out as scholarships to whomever they choose–friends, donors, and even, potentially, family members. These funds total over $10 million annually. Only 20 out of 188 lawmakers have voluntarily given their funds to a state commission for distribution. Many think standards and oversight are long overdue.