Friday, March 23 – In the News

Mayor Fenty’s fiscal 2008 budget to be released today:

A founder discusses sustainability, permanence (onPhilanthropy, 3/21)
Mario Morino, on the changes at Venture Philanthropy Partners 

[DC] “Students Welcome Shot At College Scholarships” (WaPo, 3/23)
A follow-up on the Gates Foundation’s $122 million investment in D.C. (WaPo editorial: “The Gates Foundation deservedly gets credit for its contributions to education locally and nationally. That doesn’t let the rest of us off the hook. After all, six schools are just a drop in the bucket of places where children deserve more.)”

[MD] “Right wrongs of Md.’s child welfare system” (Examiner, 3/22)
A Maryland child advocate has suggestions for fixing the state’s child welfare system.

[VA] Flaws in Virginia’s juvenile justice system (WaPo, 3/23 – scroll)
A new report finds that Virginia isn’t tracking the effects of adult prisons on the youths who end up there. In Virginia, defendants as young as 14 may be tried as adults. In 2005, three-quarters of the juveniles sent to adult prison were black “even though African Americans accounted for less than half of juvenile arrests that year.”

[DC] “House Vote on D.C. Seat Thwarted” (WaPo, 3/23)
A representative proposed tying the voting rights bill to a weaking of D.C.’s gun laws. Fearful of losing votes that “pro-gun members of their party could be tempted to side with Republicans,” Democrats postponed the bill.
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