Thursday, March 22 – In the News…

Bank of America matches donations of “citizen philanthropists” (PRNewswire, 3/20)
This is interesting. At, individual teachers can submit “proposals” for classroom projects that need funding. Individual donors can then fund all or part of a project. (Globalgiving [WG member] does the same thing on a multi-issue, global scale.) It’s an exciting model that allows small donors to act big. But when major givers like Bank of America [WG member] start matching private donations, the line between big philanthropy and small donors really begins to blur [EDIT–in a good way, I mean]. So, could/should a similar model be used to benefit an entire non-profit community in a particular city or region? Why only use this on a global scale and for classroom projects?

[DC] Gates Foundation to fund scholarships in D.C. (WaPo, 3/22)
Select students at six high schools–Anacostia, Ballou, H.D. Woodson, Friendship Collegiate, Maya Angelou-Evans and Thurgood Marshall Academy–will receive college prep classes, college mentors, and scholarships. The D.C. College Success Foundation will receive $112 million, and $10 million will go to the D.C. College Access Program (DC-CAP), a nonprofit funded by several WG members, to administer elements of the program and to expand operations. 

[VA] “In Fairfax’s ‘No Child’ Fight, A Refusal to Leave Children Behind” (WaPo, 3/22)
The Dept. of Education is threatening to withhold $17 million in funding, but Fairfax County Superintendent Jack Dale refuses, as columnist Marc Fisher puts it, “to make a kid who has just arrived in the country sit at a desk and be humiliated by a test that can only make him feel like a moron.” Virginia’s senators are backing a bill to preserve funding.

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  1. I am excited to announce that DonorsChoose is now open in Washington, D.C. You can visit our website at . We currently have almost 1,000 teachers registered on our website, and look forward to growing even more in the D.C. area.

    -Katie Bisbee
    Executive Director
    DonorsChoose, Washington D.C.

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