Friday, March 16 – In the News…

GWU Awards Nine District Seniors Full Scholarships (WaPo, 3/16)
The awards celebrate student achievement in the face of terrible odds: “Most D.C. public school students don’t graduate from high school, and less than 10 percent graduate from college.” (Area philanthropists and stakeholders are working to double those numbers.)

Md. Moves to Tie Teens’ Truancy to Licenses (WaPo, 3/16)
No school attendance? No car keys. 

D.C. Vote Bill Sent to House Floor (WaPo, 3/16)
The bill may be gaining momentum, with two previously undecided Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee voting in favor. 

[DC] Schiraldi brings Shakespeare to Oak Hill (WaPo, 3/15)
If you missed it, read yesterday’s fantastic article on theater at Oak Hill, the District’s juvenile detention center. Washington Grantmakers’ members fund the Folger Shakespeare Library, which provided costumes and support for Oak Hill’s troop, and have supported several of Vincent Schiraldi’s other reforms, including a work training/GED program at the Earth Conservation Corps for kids leaving Oak Hill.