Wednesday, March 14 – In the News…

[DC] Committee Endorses Bill for D.C. Voting Rights (WaPo, 3/14)
…but opponents call it unconstitutional. In an editorial, the WaPo argues: Let the courts debate constitutionality. “[Constitutionality] should not be an excuse for Congress to continue to deny a basic right to more than half a million people.”

[MD] Montgomery County Community Foundation [WG member] rebrands (Paper24-7, 3/14) – [Wrong Montgomery County. Sorry about that. -ng]

Study: Charitable contributions enhance revenue growth for corporations (UT Dallas, 3/14)

Verizon Foundation [WG member] launches event to encourage women to discover engineering and technology (PRNewswire, 3/14)

World’s third-richest man mocks Gates, Buffett for “going around like Santa Claus.”  (AP, 3/13)

U.S. Congress holds hearing on arts funding (AP, 3/13)
“Part of the rationale for the federal cuts in the 1990s was that private funding could fill the void. But the share of philanthropy being directed to arts organizations also has declined since 1992…”

‘No Child’ Target Is Called Out of Reach (WaPo, 3/14)
Is a 100 percent success rate realistic? Congress has questions, but the U.S. Deputy Education Secretary says: “Stay the course.”

[VA] Loudoun joins Fairfax and Arlington in defying ‘No Child’ requirements for English learners (WaPo, 3/14)