Friday, March 9 – In the News…

Failing Schools Are the Region’s Business (WaPo, 3/9)
MUST READ: Steven Pearlstein on why failing schools in the D.C. and Pr. George’s County are the “most significant public-policy challenge facing the region’s business community.” He says that decentralization of authority may be Fenty’s magic bullet, and suggests arranging for major companies to “adopt” every school in the District.

ExxonMobil Funding Cash Rewards for AP Grades (WaPo, 3/9)
One of WG Member Exxonmobil’s primary focuses is improving math and science education. Incentives (and subsidies for course fees) have caused a dramatic increase in passing AP scores in some Dallas high schools.

[DC] D.C. Council Blocks Work On Schools, Scolds Board (WaPo, 3/9)
Confusion over $1 billion in unitemized contracts.

Prince George’s Hospital Needs Long-Term Fix (WaPo editorial, 3/9)
Shorter WaPo: “Counties shouldn’t run hospitals anyway. State must step in, clean up mess, make hospital attractive to a private operator.” The system serves 180,000 people, many of whom lack health insurance.