Meeting the Fenty Administration

“My staff has the charge to work in an open way with you as ideas come up. Where you all see opportunities, I encourage you to reach out to us.”
– Deputy Mayor of Education Victor Reinoso

Fenty administration officials are meeting with Washington Grantmakers’ (WG) members to provide updates and coordinate efforts on several initiatives. DC Deputy Mayor for Education Victor Reinoso attended a meeting of the Children, Youth, and Families (CYF) Working Group last week to discuss the mayor’s education goals as outlined in Fenty’s 100 Days plan, and his upcoming education reform plan, which is awaiting City Council approval.

Reinoso also discussed plans for a SCHOOLStat tool (similar to CAPStat), to track data on students as they move from school to school, and suggested opportunities for partnership with the funding community around identifying parent training opportunities.

Vinnie Schiraldi, DC’s Director of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYS), stopped by a meeting of the CYF Older Youth Task Force earlier in the week to report on the Earth Conservation Corps’ work with DYS’ Civic Justice Corps, Gulf Coast Project, and progress at the Oak Hill Youth Center.

Next week, the Washington Grantmakers’ Health Working Group will meet with Steve Baron, the new head of DC’s Department of Mental Health, for an overview of the agency’s current priorities and future plans.

Grantmakers interested in maximizing private-public partnerships in the District, Maryland or Virginia should contact WG Director of Public Policy Carolynn Mambu at 202.939.3433.

David Brown of DC Youth Rehabilitation Services addresses the working group as Director Vinnie Schiraldi looks on.