Tuesday, Feb. 27 – In the News…

[DC] D.C. housing boom displacing low-income families (AP, 2/25)
“A record 56,047 families from the District of Columbia were on waiting lists for public housing and Section 8 vouchers in November.” Hundreds of families wait for spots in D.C. Village, a program of the Coalition for the Homeless (whose funders include several Washington Grantmakers members.)

[VA] In N.Va., Let Down By a Rising Economy (WaPo, 2/27)
Expensive housing and an unpredictable job market can lead to sudden poverty and homelessness in the country’s second-richest county, where shelters have waiting lists and zoning disputes prevent action. [In related news, Fairfax’s 10-yr plan to prevent and end homelessness in Fairfax/Falls Church, was approved this week.]

— TOMORROW (2/28)Shaw Neighborhood Tour 
Interested in preserving affordable housing in DC? Attend the Washington Grantmakers’ Community Development Support Collaborative’s first 2007 “Know Your Neighborhoods” tour, hosted by OneDC (Space limited, RSVP mandatory)

[DC] Fenty’s Overhaul Plan Echoes Janey’s (WaPo, 2/27)
* Mayor Fenty’s plan (draft, .pdf)
“Much like before, only faster and with more accountability” seems to be this article’s take on the plan. Fenty’s additions include merit bonuses for teachers, better K-8 math and reading programs, and expanded AP and vocational courses.

Children taking more AP classes, learning less (WaPo editorial, 2/27)

[MD] Ways to Fix Juvenile Justice in 100 Days (Examiner, 2/26)
This op-ed from Advocates for Children and Youth (ACY) in Maryland has suggestions for fixing the state’s “embarrassment” of a juvenile justice system. (ACY’s funders include WG members Freddie Mac Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Open Society Institute.)