Monday, Feb. 26 – In the News…

(Happy National Corporate Philanthropy Day!)

Nonprofits optimistic about Fannie Mae restructuring (Examiner, 2/26)
“When announcing the reorganization, [Fannie Mae] pledged that it would maintain giving levels at least as high as the foundation’s.” “By combining the foundation and the corporate giving program, they’re going to maximize their resources and their giving potential” said Tamara Lucas Copeland, Washington Grantmakers.

[DC/MD] Purchase of S.E. Hospital May Collapse (WaPo, 2/25)
The hospital situation in Southeast DC is similar to that in Prince George’s County. With many struggling hospitals in close proximity, WaPo business columnist Steven Pearlstein recently suggested that Maryland officials should co-fund a needs assessment that DC Mayor Fenty has reportedly commissioned, in order to look at the region’s health facility needs.

Governors Seek Aid for Child Health Care (AP, 2/26)
Governors from both parties are opposing a Bush administration budget choice that jeopardizes health coverage for millions of children of the working poor. The budget shortchanges the State Child Health Insurance (SCHIP) program by $10 to $15 billion over five years.

[VA] Loudoun May Join Fairfax, Defy ‘No Child’ Mandate (WaPo, 2/24)
More open disagreement with the law in Northern Virginia. – “[I]t’s ethically and professionally wrong to give a child a test for which they can’t be prepared…” – Loudoun Superintendent Edgar B. Hatrick

Donor-advised funds help to leave a legacy (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2/25)

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  1. “The Regional Association of Washington Grantmakers is pleased with the stated priorities of the new office — education, affordable housing and fighting homeless — and plans to work with them on those focus areas, Tamara Lucas Copeland said Friday.”

    Fighting homeless…heh

  2. I’ve pointed out *both* typos in that paragraph to them–not sure what they do about online corrections. We’ll see…

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