Friday, Feb. 23 – In the News…

[MD] What’s Ailing Prince George’s Hospital? (WaPo, 2/23)
Yes, half of the center’s 180,000 patients lack health insurance, and yes, it will take about $100 million in upgrades to attract paying “customers.” But the true ailment goes unmentioned in the article until this quote from veteran nurse Debbie Wilkes: “We’re a pretty good example of how bad the health-care system is in this country.”

[DC] School Board Plan Counters Fenty’s Proposal (WaPo, 2/23)
Board President Robert Bobb (who has previously stated “It’s pretty clear to me that the mayor gets to take over the school system”) is now making the case for keeping the current structure.

[VA] Fairfax Could Lose Millions for Defying ‘No Child’ (WaPo, 2/23)
Fairfax County doesn’t want to discourage young English learners by testing them on complex “grade-level” material, preferring instead to test progress reading, writing and speaking. But the U.S. Education Department threatens: Change the test, or lose $17 million.

[VA/DC] A Tale of Two Systems
Arlington County’s budget [WaPo, 2/23 (scroll)] includes Head Start classes, a foreign language pilot program for elementary school, technology upgrades and a two percent raise for all staff. Meanwhile, in DC, the school board is vowing to have textbooks on hand before classes start. [WaPo, 2/23 

CWLA Names “Corporate Advocate of the Year” (NewsWire, 2/22)
Freddie Mac Foundation [WG Member] and Corporation will be honored at the Child Welfare League of America’s annual conference next week.

Where Tech Meets Philanthropy (WSJ, 2/23)
Small Family Foundations Become Growth Industry (Baltimore Sun, 2/23)