Thursday, Feb. 15 – In the News…

“Millennial” Generation is into charity in a big way… (BusinessWeek, 2/15)
About 67% of students said helping others who are in difficult situations is an essential or very important objective, according to UCLA’s annual survey, “The American Freshman—National Norms for 2006.”

…But Generation X? Not So Much. (U.S. News & World Report – 2/14)
Gen X-ers, on the other hand, give relatively little, possibly because they have more debt and a lower net worth than their parents’ generation did at the same age.

Geography should not determine standards of learning (WaPo editorial, 2/15)
The Post argues for a national test: “Shouldn’t reading in the third grade be the same in Mississippi as in Maryland?”

UNICEF Ranks U.S., Britain at Bottom in Child Welfare Survey (WaPo, 2/15)
“Children fared worse in the United States and Britain … because of greater economic inequality and poor levels of public support for families.”