Monday, Feb. 12 – In the News…

Foundations: Reform Yourselves or Be Reformed 
More discussion of Duke University Professor Joel Fleishman’s new book, Foundation. “‘We also share his conclusions about foundation candor and honest reporting of results,’ said Douglas W. Nelson, president of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.” [WG member]

Bush Park Plan Draws Mixed Reviews
President Bush’s call for private donations to fund national parks raises questions about potential collision between special interests and public interest.

[DC] “It’s not rocket science; it’s plumbing, wiring and roofing”
How frustrating is the recent performance of DC Public Schools? By the end of this morning’s column, Courtland Milloy is practically advocating privatizing all DC education.

[VA] Doctors to Be Paid for On-Call Treatment of the Poor
Trend: More hospitals, like Inofa Fairfax, are having to pay physicians to be “on call” for emergencies.

[DC] DC health director endorses vaccinations for teens
The bill is expected to be approved by Council members.