Friday, Feb. 9 – In the News…

[VA] Va. House Denies Funds For Early Education, Conservation
The House budget includes none of the $4.6 million needed for Gov. Kaine’s Pre-K pilot programs to make early education available to more four year olds. “Republicans… argued Thursday that there is little evidence that pre-kindergarten is effective.” The Senate budget did include funds for the pilot programs. Budget differences will be hammered out in House/Senate negotiations.

[DC] – Should DC Council get line item control over the school budget?

Corporate Donors Funding Arts Seek a Return
“Transactional philanthropy” is when a company gets special performances or access in exchange for a major grant. (For example, “In Washington, D.C., Arena Stage worked with Target to provide low-cost tickets for families.”) But “arts groups must decide just how far they can go before they risk compromising the integrity of their organizations.”