Thursday, Feb. 8 – In the News…

[DC] School Plan Opponents Confront D.C. Council
Many council members support Mayor Fenty’s plan. Carol Schwartz: “It’s already been decided.” But opponents fly in New York City Council member to testify about Mayor Bloomberg’s school takeover: “The worst thing you can do is give the mayor absolute power.”

[DC] Victor Reinoso stresses improving cross-agency data:
The Deputy mayor of Education “talks excitedly about a universal student tracking system that will, for the first time, let a teacher know immediately that the girl who is acting out in her class has a father who is on probation and in a substance abuse program and a mother who is unemployed and under the supervision of a city social worker.”

* Victor Reinoso will speak at the Washington Grantmakers Children Youth and Families Working Group Quarterly Meeting on Feb. 23, 2007. Location: Meyer Foundation. All members of Washington Grantmakers interested in public education in our region are invited to attend.

[VA] Prince William 2008 Budget Funds All-Day Kindergarten (click and scroll down)
The budget completes adding all-day kindergarten at the county’s elementary schools while keeping teacher salaries among the lowest in the region.

[MD] House Leaders Offer Plan to Widen Health Coverage
The plan would cover at least 250,000 of Maryland’s uninsured, but a skeptical Senate President responds: “It’s not happening.”

[VA] Dueling Hospitals in Loudoun County
“The 49-acre [HCA Virginia] site is less than half a mile from property where the nonprofit Inova Health System intends to [build…]”