Wednesday, Feb. 7 – In the News…

Should foundations be made more accountable?
The Examiner tracks the national conversation around Joel Fleishman’s new book, Foundation. “We have to make sure that the net effect of any potential legislation would be to strengthen the sector, not to reduce charitable activity,” said Tamara Copeland, president of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers.

The case for needle exchange programs
In his column this morning, Courtland Milloy notes that although needle exchange programs have been proven to work, Congress forbids the District to use its own money on the programs. “Only residents of the nation’s capital are subject to such dictates from Congress.” PreventionWorks! provides drug counseling, drug treatment referrals and HIV testing to thousands of IV drug users on an all-donated budget. One of the PreventionWorks’ funders is the Washington AIDS Partnership, a project of Washington Grantmakers.