Monday, Feb. 5 – In the News…

Capital’s Women Tell Tale of Two Countries
Washington has both the most highest-paid women in the country, and the highest percentages of women living in poverty. Anne Mosle, Washington Area Women’s Foundation [WG member]: “There’s a huge percentage of the population that is just not benefiting.”  

As Push for Longer Hours
“[Mayor Fenty] has been admiring the District’s Knowledge Is Power Program charter schools, with their nine-hour school days, Saturday classes and mandatory three-week summer school.” 
– An Education Sector report finds that the addition of high-quality teaching time is “of particular benefit to… low-income students and others who have little opportunity for learning outside of school,” but politics and cost of extending time make it tough sell.

“Souper” Bowl at Central Union Mission in Northwest
“This was the eighth straight year that the mission has participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring, a national effort that works with local youth organizations to fight hunger and poverty on Super Bowl Sunday.”