Thursday, Feb. 1 – In the News…

DC. Public Schools
[Column] Showdown? What Showdown? Mark Fisher notes that Fenty, Bobb, Reinoso agree on goals for DCPS and are ready to act. (With Bobb’s prediction: “It’s pretty clear to me that the mayor gets to take over the school system.”)
School System Loses Students; Charters Gain 
“One-Year Drop of 2,670 May Fuel Debate Over Takeover”
Audit Finds Financial Problems in D.C. School System
“[D.C.’s Chief Financial Officer] said that if the [school system’s financial controls]… do not improve by next year, the District would be in serious jeopardy of receiving an “unclean” audit…Wall Street [could] downgrade the District’s bond ratings…”

Va. Is Urged to Obey ‘No Child’ on Reading Test for ESL Students
Fairfax Superintendent: “Fairfax is doing the right thing for kids…”
Dep. Sec. of Education: “We want the law to be followed.” 

Department Review Finds Racial Profiling “Hot Spots”
“At Wisconsin and M, black pedestrians were nearly six times as likely to be stopped as anyone else, the study found.”

The Greater Washington Creative Communities Initiative and The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region [WG member] Announce $150,000 in Inaugural Arts Grants
“The grants will support collaborative projects between nonprofit organizations and artists to create and present new works that engage underserved communities.”

Nonprofit Groups Draw a Line at Some Donors
… but “as the number of charities rises at a much faster pace than giving, it is difficult for any nonprofit group to look a gift horse in the mouth.” Diana Aviv, Independent Sector: “Where do you draw the line? Some of our largest foundations were created by individuals who have been described as robber barons. Should charities look askance at that money?”