Coordinating D.C. Education Efforts with the Gates Foundation

L to R: Rubie Coles (CYFWG, Moriah Fund), Andrea Foggy-Paxton (Gates Foundation), Tamara Lucas Copeland (Washington Grantmakers), Jim Shelton (Gates Foundation), Carmen James Lane (CYFWG, Meyer Foundation), Joe Scantlebury (Gates Foundation)

On Tuesday, the Washington Grantmakers Children, Youth, and Families Working Group (CYFWG) facilitated a briefing by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about its education investments in Washington, DC.


  • More Collaboration Needed – One topic of discussion was how to make sure the Gates Foundation’s efforts around grades 9-12 complement a larger P-16 education plan. (And Jim Shelton of the Gates Foundation wondered: “What is the right way of structuring challenge/match requirements in order to draw more funders to the space?”)
  • Double the Numbers” – The result of cross-sector collaboration, this report provides important benchmarks to work toward.
  • Looking ahead:
  • – Feb. 15 – WG’s Public Education task force meeting: “Are our efforts in alignment with the master education plan?”
    – Feb. 23 – WG’s Children Youth and Families Working Group quarterly meeting (Keynote: Victor Reinoso)
    – March 28 – The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and the Gates Foundation will convene a meeting to discuss a comprehensive, coordinated, collaborative organizing strategy.