Thursday, Jan. 25 – In the News…

Board Wants to Attack School Repairs in ‘All-Out Blitz’
DC School Board President Robert C. Bobb: “We have to attend to [students’] hygienic needs so they can concentrate on learning. It doesn’t make sense to wait several years…”
Mary Filardo, 21st Century School Fund thinks the program makes sense, in spite of the fact that “the system will duplicate costs when it modernizes some of the same schools in a few years.”

Annapolis High Staff Must Reapply for Jobs
“…a drastic move to restructure the school after it failed to meet federal No Child Left Behind guidelines for four years straight.”

“Filmanthropy” … and the Ubiquitous Kevin Bacon
onPhilanthropy asks: “Has documentary film become an investment option for wealthy donors who want greater social bang for their buck?” The Washington Post reports on Ted Leonsis’ new term: Filmanthropy. Meanwhile, Kevin Bacon launches, urging: “Be a celebrity for your cause.”

House Grants DC Delegate Symbolic Voting Rights
“If the delegates’ votes provide the margin of victory, their votes are thrown out and representatives revote without them.” The push for a full vote continues.