Wednesday, Jan. 24 – In the News…


Prince George’s Co. Health Crisis (click and scroll down)
“Hospital executives have said the hospital needs $5 million by Friday or it will be forced to issue an alert that it will close in 60 days.” The hospital serves 180,000 patients a year, many of them poor and uninsured.

Should the vaccine for the sexually-transmitted HPV be mandatory for 11-year old girls? (Parents would be able to opt-out.)
Virginia House Committee Approves Measure
– point: The HPV Vaccine Is Vital to the District’s Health (Jan. 21) 
– counterpoint: Force Is Not the Only Way to Administer a Vaccine

American Legacy Foundation [WG Member] Funded Web Site Targets Corporate Influence Over Public Health
“The web site targets corporate practices that harm health across six industries – automobile food, alcohol, pharmaceutical, firearms and tobacco.”

Fenty, Other Mayors Decry Gun Trafficking
“Fenty said that most homicide cases in the District involve illegal guns and that many illegal firearms come from surrounding jurisdictions. Of 169 homicides in the District last year, Fenty said, 137 involved illegal firearms.” Fenty: “You need to have the federal government have one standard for dealing with illegal guns.”

a Commemorative Quarter!
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.