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  • Young Donors In Training
    Helping young people with financial means to think about social change.
    “I was so nervous,” says Thalheimer, now 24. “I had never talked about this stuff. I had never been in a room with people where I’d said: I have a lot of money. I have money to give away.”
  • As mayors become leaders of school reform, cities look to New York
    The Economist provides some background/context for Mayor Fenty’s schools proposal…
  • Public-private group helps Maryland families stay together
    Founded in 1986 with funds from the Aaron Straus and Lillie Straus Foundation Inc., the Goldseker Foundation [WG Member] and Maryland’s Department of Human Resources, Friends of the Family [works statewide to] provide free, full-service, parent-empowerment and child care services for challenged parents of children 3 years of age.”